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Economics for kids children's book

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Kickstarter Project for Economics for Kids
Economics for Kids Kickstarter Project

Some friends and I have written a children's picture book about the ideas of tradeoffs and opportunity costs. We are in the process of having illustrations done and it is quite an expensive process. In order to offset some of these costs to keep the price of the book low, we are considering running a kickstarter campaign in order to raise the funds.

The book is about Johnny (named after John Maynard Keynes a famous economist), and the book would focus on many decisions he makes. His thought process during these decisions are explored in the book. Please see the cover draft below, and some sample passages from the children's picture book.

"Five minutes" Said Johnny's Dad "It's time to go home"
"We can play tag for 5 minutes" Adam shared.
Johnny stopped and thought. I can play tag for the five minutes, or I can climb up and go down the slide a lot of times in 5 minutes. He only had time for once choice.
"Tag is fun" said Johnny "But I think we can go up and down the slide 100 times if we start now!"
The end of the book would include questions/activities that parents could use with their kids. For example:

What did Johnny think about when he made his decisions?
What decisions have you made today?
We hope to make steady progress on this book and have a goal of self-publishing it by the end 2014. If this sounds like an interesting idea please like our facebook page to receive updates. You can also leave comments below or contact through the "ask a question" tab for more information, and please feel free to share this page. Thank you!