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If you have solved a question or gone over a concept and would like it to be freely available to anyone searching, please submit it to freeeconhelp.com at freeeconhelp (at) gmail (dot) com.  Freeeconhelp.com, like wikipedia, falls into the "public goods" category and is therefore under funded.  By submitting articles YOU are helping all those trying to learn the difficult science of economics and are contributing to this public good.

If you do submit material, make sure that it is not already available anywhere else on the web, we do not condone plagiarizing at freeeconhelp.com.  Also, if you would like credit for your work, let me know and I can attach your name to the article, saying "submitted by:" or something similar.  This could look great on your CV or resume, because YOUR work will always be available at freeeconhelp.com.

The legal stuff:

The rules for submitting your articles to freeeconhelp.com are simple, but they must be followed!

  • Do not submit spun/spam content. Spun/Spam content is trash. Don't be lazy, submit content that is your own. Spun/Spam content is very easy to spot and anyone submitting spun content will get immediately and permanently banned.

  • The articles that you submit must be your own work - You may not submit articles written by other authors and the content must be unique. No re branded articles allowed, you must be the sole copyright holder for each article you submit. Articles written by a ghost writer are perfectly acceptable as long as they are being used only by yourself.

  • By submitting your articles to freeeconhelp.com, you grant us the right to publish your articles - We may publish your article anywhere on our website, or syndicate through RSS. We may also change where it appears, including the category, at any time.

  • No affiliate links! - The articles that you submit should not contain affiliate links.  All links provided in an article will be made into "nofollow" links.
  • Submitting your articles to freeeconhelp.com does not entitle you to financial compensation of any kind - You will not receive compensation for articles you submit.

  • Submitting an article in no ways guarantees publication on freeeconhelp.com - We reserve the right to reject an article submission for any reason.

  • Articles must be spellchecked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting - Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that doesn't meet this requirement.

  • Please submit the article in either .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. 

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