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Why is this site free?

I started this website because I have a strong passion for economics, and getting the knowledge of economics out there.  I have also recognized that many students struggle with economics (the dismal science), and could benefit from seeing the concepts from another perspective.

And if that also fails, seeing a guided solution to some of the most commonly asked questions can also be beneficial.  It is the goal of this site to provide a convenient free area for economics knowledge sharing.  Please email me with questions or comments about this site to freeeconhelp [at] google [dot] com with recommendations on how I can make it better.

This blog tries to use a minimal amount of advertising so that it is not distracting.  The point is to deliver a usable website with good information.  However, in order to pay the bills and keep this site up I use what is called affiliate linking.    I use a service called VigLink, for more information about them, click here.  This means that potentially, when you click a link on this site, if you go on to purchase anything from that site, this website gets a small amount of your purchase as a commission.  So if you like this site, please use the links to find your textbooks or other items that you think you need.  Every purchase with the affiliates helps keep this site free.

Keep in mind that I will NEVER write a post for or endorse a product that I haven't used or have the fullest confidence in.  I strive to be honest to my readers.

Also, if you like this site that much, and don't need to buy any books or things, consider making a donation.  It will help to pay for the domain and hosting fees, and the occasional cup of coffee needed to create the next post!

Use paypal to donate to freeeconhelp.com, thanks!