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An economical review of Viglink affiliate program

This post is going to describe the viglink affiliate program, which is currently being used as the main method of monetizing this site.  Viglink uses a little snippet of java code which automatically checks each of the links on your site to see if they can be affiliated.  When someone clicks a link on your site, then a cookie is placed on their browser, so if they end up making a purchase on the following site, then you will get credit for the sale and a commission.  

Viglink has several benefits:

It automatically monetizes all of your links.  This means you don’t have to sign up for
several affiliate program, and code each link individually.  This also means that if an affiliate changes the location of a link, or their referral system, you have to update the link.  But viglink does this automatically.

Viglink doesn’t use ugly affiliate codes.  When someone browsing your site hovers their cursor over a hyperlink, they can see the destination of the hyperlink which may include a long line of characters or numbers representing your affiliate code.  With viglink, you can just use the straight code, without the mess and still get credit for the click.

Viglink also doesn’t over write your existing affiliate code.  So in case you get sloppy and forget an affiliate link, or perhaps you get a comment or have a forum where someone drops a link, YOU the webmaster get credit for it.

Viglink also offers a referral program, so if you like this review and use my link to sign up with them, I will get a 10% bonus based on your performance.  Keep in mind that the 10% comes off viglink’s end, so by me referring you, you get the same deal as just going to the website.

Finally, because Viglink is monetizing so many websites, they have been able to negotiate some pretty good deals (meaning commission rates) from their member websites.  This means that you could potentially earn more using viglink than you could by individually signing up with multiple affiliate programs.

But there is a downside to viglink.  The biggest cost is their commission, a whopping 25%.  They also don’t share who all their affiliates are in their program, you have to go to their “website checker” and you can check one website at a time.  Right now, there are a bunch of big names such as amazon, newegg, and best buy, but others such as ebay and walmart do not automatically approve your links and require special permission.  This isn’t made very clear by viglink, so make sure you check each website before you go placing links into your site.

However, even with these downsides, viglinksis a good deal, especially if you don’t have any affiliations on your site already.  Use viglink and you could potentially make a few dollars.  You can find out more information about viglink, or sign up for their service by clicking here.

UPDATE:  I have now been using viglink for a few months and I can say that it does work, and you get a decent percentage from the service.  Every click I have confirmed with a few customers has been tallied, but reporting of the sale and commission amount is delayed by 1 to 3 weeks.  It is so easy to just type in links and not worrying about affiliating them that I highly recommend this product.