First day of class

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a another wonderful semester of introductory micro economics. As such I will be introducing students to the ideas of modeling, and thinking like an economist. In general I notice that their are two types of students, those who economics just clicks for, and those that combat every idea in the subject.

Most of the students who have a strong logic, or math backround get it pretty easily. For those familiar with introductory economics, you may notice that most of it is common sense. For example, people will choose to buy the good that is cheaper, or gives more satisfaction to the consumer. These concepts make sense, but as soon as you add in words such as utility (meaning happiness or satisfaction) or profit maximization (meaning firms want to make money) it all seems to go downhill.

Hopefully tomorrow will be the beginning of a wonderful semester where where I get great discussion, and excellent test results. Despite what most students think, I would love to give everybody an A+ for the semester, but very few students think they should have to do the work to get it.
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